Line Art from your Photos in Affinity Photo & Designer for iPad, Windows and Mac with Blackline


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Blackline is a line art creator for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer on iPad, MAC and PC that creates line art from your photos. Not just a threshold preset, Blackline finds and emphasizes all the contrasted lines in your photos and creates professional fast line art with them making it the perfect tool for making line art for screen printing, vinyl cutting, make your own coloring book pages and sheets, anything! Blackline for Affinity Photo and Designer does this by using layer stacks to convert to line art in real time.


Great for Screen Printers, Vinyl Cutters, Cricut Users, Coloring Book Creators, Laser Engravers, Laser Cutters, Plasma Metal Cutters, Etchers, Print on Demand Merch sellers and anyone who needs automated Line art from photos Fast! Vehicle line art, PRE vector traced artwork, tonal background creation, DXF SVG PNG files, cartoon overlays or anything you need that starts or ends with black and with black and white.


Blackline Template – An Affinity Photo file with a layer stack of pre stacked and adjusted adjustment layers and live filters that are ready to turn your photos into line art. the Blackline template opens in both Affinty Photo and Affinty Designer. You’re in control!! This layer stack will give you full control of line width, line detail and black amount for your custom needs.


Blackline was originally created in 2006 out of a need to get more vehicle graphics drawn for high demand screen printed car show and race car shirts. Keeping us from sending our customers to our competition. Additionally, Blackline has been used since to prepare artwork for etching glass, cutting metal, laser engraving, vinyl cutting and more. A useful tool for any artist or graphic business. Four versions later, Blackline’s popularity has been reinvented several times to add features to many graphic needs.

Production artwork and graphic design just got easier, cleaner and way faster! Stay in the game with fast, uniform graphic automation!


Because we want to make you a happy return customer, we will always work with you if there’s a problem with your order or if you need help. Having said that, this is an immediate digital download and because of that we can’t offer any returns, exchanges or cancelations.

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